Public Governance for Climate Action

A first stream of research is general in nature. It interrogates the contribution of the field of public governance in general for Climate Action.

Eko Prasojo situates the public administration contribution to Climate Action in the broader Sustainable Development Goals agenda, which put high expectations to the field. Professor Prasojo calls for contributions emphasizing policies, governance relations, and best practices.

Siria Taurelli and her colleagues ask how to nurture the needed skills to support the emergence of Circular Economies. They call for papers focusing on subsidiarity, lifelong learning, transition management, territorial economic strategies, and the financing of human capital development.

Ukertor Moti and Steve Troupin observe that Climate Change exacerbates existing risks of security, injustice and exclusion in Africa. They invite authors to explore these risks through case studies, and theoretical contributions questioning the extractive character of modernization policies.

Leo Huberts and his colleagues from the IIAS Study Group on the Quality of Governance apply the findings of their research to the theme of Climate Action.